Welcome to YouHero!

The reciprocal help app that puts people in need
in contact with people that want to help.

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  • Marta
    “I lost my bull terrier while I was jogging in the park. I immediately sent an SOS to the YouHero community and thanks to Alex I found my dog”

Nice to "help" you!

Sociological studies show that many people are usually very willing to help someone but are less inclined to ask a favour, because they are afraid of bothering others. YouHero changes this pattern. Asking for help is made easy... without having to "bother" anyone.


Local solutions

Not knowing anyone is not a problem anymore, instead it’s an opportunity. Whether you are in your own neighbourhood or on holiday, YouHero connects you with people in that area.

Multiply your real contacts

YouHero has been designed to cater for every aspect of daily life and it helps you find the right contact for whatever you need. The solution is closer than you think.

It’s the solution that will find you

It only takes a few clicks to send out your request and then you can relax. The community will do the rest. As soon as a person is available you can contact them.


Help that creates value

YouHero is designed to give a face to those people who anonymously help other people every day.
For us these people are heroes.

Helping benefits everyone

Helping others can be an opportunity to earn something but it also stimulates integration and it is the first step towards creating a network of real contacts that can be so valuable!

For professionals too

YouHero puts you in contact with those who need your service and it does it without charging a fee. You can work in your area and concentrate entirely on your clients.
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YouHero is made up of people like you

Some of us send an SOS...

  • Sara
    I needed to put up a shelf in the kitchen. Thank heavens I found Marco who lives close by! In return for the favour I help his son with his English homework.
  • David
    My car battery was dead. I sent an SOS and Luca who lives in the building across the street came to help me get it going. We discovered that we have a lot of interests in common!
  • Maurice
    My wife Susan and I planned a trip to Lyon, we wanted to see and live the ‘real’ city like the locals. Thanks to Clara and Robert we discovered some enchanting spots.
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Some of us reply to an SOS...

  • Alex
    I was walking in the park when I noticed a cute little dog that looked lost. When I opened the app I saw Marta’s SOS about her lost dog.
    She thanked me for days
  • Karl
    I was queuing for hours for tickets to see an art exhibition. I saw Susan’s SOS – she was looking for two tickets. She got there just in time to buy two tickets with me.
  • Loren
    I’m a lawyer and getting to know new clients in my area that need my services reduces travelling and saves time for both of us.

YouHero is like us

Each one of us is made up of a unique mix of skills, potential and needs.
Whether it’s help you need or help you want to give, welcome to YouHero!
What’s your plan for today?

Looking for help

Send an SOS

Describe what you need and the location. You can attach a photo and indicate what you can offer to compensate whoever helps you.


As soon as someone in the community is available to help, you will receive a notification and you can view their profile.

Your choice!

Your phone number is not visible in the SOS message so you are free to choose who to contact.


Your experience is important! That’s why we ask our users to feedback after they have received help from another user.

Offering help

Searching around you

You can see the SOSs that have been sent and choose the ones in the area close to you. You can also check out the sender’s profile.

Saved searches

If you are specialised in a specific type of service, add a saved search to your profile and stay tuned for new SOSs.

Giving your availability

When you find the SOS that suits you, give your availability and wait. You could be contacted for the job.


Every SOS has a public chat area so if anyone has any queries they can ask a question.
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The duration of an SOS

  • For extremely urgent requests:
    -Laura used it when he needed help with a flat tyre.
    -Sam needed a locksmith to repair the lock on her door.
    -James needed a lift by scooter to the airport.

  • For less urgent requests:
    -Mary was looking for some advice about what’s on in town.
    -Dave wanted some help to move her stuff to her new apartment.
    -Kate used it when he had a leak and needed a plumber.

  • Ideal for making new contacts:
    -Sandro was looking for a room to rent in London for two months.
    -Luca wanted two tickets for a big concert.
    -Mara had to find an Italian accountant in Nice.


We believe that in life, those who help deserve to be compensated. For this reason whoever sends an SOS can specify what they can offer in return for help. The compensation is agreed between the two parties and it is not mandatory. Sometimes a simple “Thanks” can be priceless.



YouHero doesn’t withhold any commission from the people who help or on the quotes that you will receive (if you require a professional service).


Bonus points

Bonus points allow you to post your SOS within the community. When you register we offer a welcome package which you can use to post your first SOSs.
Every time you bring a friend you receive extra Bonus points for free.


Gain Bonus points for free

Access the ‘friends’ section of the app and use the ‘invite’ button. You will give a huge contribution to the community.

You and your friend that joins will receive 30 extra Bonus points each.

You can track who has registered thanks to you.

Your profile

Completing your profile is the first step to communicating with others and it will gain you extra Bonus points. Don’t forget to post a nice picture of yourself.

Invite your

With just a small gesture you can give a huge contribution! Every friend that uses your invitation code gains 30 Bonus points and you do too.


We regularly publish coupons on daily newspapers, magazines, internet and radio. Fill in the coupon details in the dedicated area of the app and stay tuned!



100% member

We verify the telephone numbers of all our new members to ensure that they are 100% real contacts.

Feedback for

Experience shows that the feedback method is always the best way to learn about the experience of others.


Your information is very important and allows us to take action where there are profiles or ads that are not appropriate!